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Hi there! My name is Nicole Bekerian and I'm the owner and founder of Simply the Best by Nicole. Our journey started in May 2021, when I decided to pursue a dream that I've had since I was a little girl - starting my own business.

The decision to center my business around jewelry was an easy one -  I've always loved how different pieces can hold significant meanings or add exactly what is needed to your favorite outfit. It's so important to me that all of my clients have an opportunity to choose pieces they really love and create a memorable experience.


In Honor of Gibbs

I've always been someone who appreciates the simple things in life and that translates to my jewelry designs. Simplicity can speak volumes.

Simply the Best was born after saying goodbye to my dog and best friend of 11 years, Gibbs - because he was - simply the best. I wanted a tangible reminder of him always with me, so I created the signature, a simple black onyx gemstone bracelet (which symbolizes protection and strength) with eleven spacers to signify his eleven years.

After that initial piece, I was excited about the future and wasted no time – I even wrote up a business plan while waiting for a flight home at the airport.


Our Mission & Intention

Once my flight landed, I kept dreaming and creating more jewelry.

I always knew it was very important to be inclusive with my sizing. Like clothes, jewelry needs a range of different sizes! I hated the experience of being worried about whether or not a bracelet may be too tight or wondering whether or not a necklace for a friend would be too short or too long on them because of “standard” sizing. With this in mind, all of our pieces are made in various sizes and can be made at any size upon request so that it fits perfectly.

Today, my business serves to share unique and meaningful designs with you and your loved ones. Because we believe you deserve - simply the best.

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